Record Labels

#   20 Buck Spin

A   A389 Recordings     Agipunk     Alerta Antifascista     Alone Records     Aphelion Productions     Apocalyptic Witchcraft

B   Back On Black     Bad Omen Records     Black Mark Production     Bleak Recordings     Bridge Nine Records

C   Church of Ra     Closed Casket Activities     Consouling Sounds

D   Debemur Morti Productions     Division Records     Doomentia Records

E   Emetic Records     Epidemic Records

F   Fysisk Format

H   Halo Of Flies     Hammerheart Records     Hypertension Records

I   I Hate Records     Iron Bonehead Productions     Iron Tyrant

L   Let Them Eat Vinyl

M   Metal Blade Records     Monolith Records     Monumentum Records     Moribund Records     Music Fear Satan

N   Neurot Recordings     New Density     Norma Evangelium Diaboli     Northern Heritage

P   Peaceville     Profound Lore Records     Prosthetic Records

R   Raging Planet     Reflections Records     Regulator! Records     Relapse Records     Rise Above Records     Robotic Empire     Ruins Records

S   Sacred Bones Records     Season Of Mist     Secret Records     Southern Lord     Svart Records

T   Throatruiner Records     Throne Records     Trash Art!

V   Ván     Victory Records

W   W.T.C. Productions